What is Ayurveda ? Why it is important 2 you ?


What is Ayurveda ? Do you think Ayurveda is the same medical approach as Allopathy?

In this article we will tell you about Ayurveda. Like what is Ayurveda, what is the history of Ayurveda, what is its purpose.

Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world. It is from the time of Vedas. If Vedas have been there for millions of years, then it is also there for millions of years. If according to today’s scholars the Vedas are about 5000 years old, then it is also 5000 years old.

What is Ayurveda ?

The sages have written – “The union of body, senses, mind and soul is called “Ayu” i.e. age, and the scripture in which the knowledge and attainment of age is known is called “Ayurveda”. “

Maharishi Charak while explaining the word ‘Ayurveda’ has said –

‘हिताहितं सुखं दुःखमायुस्तस्य हिताहितम् । मानं च तच्च यत्रोक्तमायुर्वेदः स उच्यते’ ।।

That is, the one who knows the benefit of age and its results, it is called Ayurveda.

History of Ayurveda

Its history is very old. According to Charaka’s opinion –

First of all, Brahmaji had first taught it to Dakshaprajapati after remembering the science of Ayurveda. Dakshaprajapati taught both the Ashwini Kumars, the Ashwini Kumars taught the Devraj Indra, and from Indra, Mahamati Bharadwaja Muni studied it.

Then Bharadwaj propagated it among other sages after attaining a long, happy and healthy life under the influence of ayurved. Thereafter Punarvasu Atreya, who had a friendly intellect among all beings, after experiencing compassion for all beings, preached this sacred to six disciples.

Agnivesha, Bhed, Jakarna, Parashara, Harit and Ksharpani, these six disciples accepted the teachings from the sage.

Then Agnivesh etc. Maharishis composed different Tantras (Ayurveda Shastras) with great detail. Taking the spirit of the sages like Agnivesh, Harit etc., and after improving something from his side, the sage Charaka composed a book in his name. The name of this book is now famous in the world by the name of “Charak Samhita“.

Purpose of Ayurveda

The aim of Ayurveda is to protect the health of a healthy people and to remove the disease of the patient.

It has two objectives – 1. To protect the health of healthy persons, 2. To remove the disease of sick people and make them healthy.

In this, rather than medicine more emphasis has been laid on the adherence to proper diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda emphasizes on following natural ethics so that we can be successful in maintaining proper harmony between our body and nature. If we are not able to maintain this harmony, then the result is surely to be ill.

It has given utmost importance to the protection of the body and its proper compliance.

In Charaka Samhita it is said –

सर्वमन्यत् परित्यज्य शरीरमनुपालयेत। तद्भावेहि भावानाम् सर्वाभावः शरीरिणाम्।।

That is, leaving all other worldly affairs, one should take care of the body, because when the body perishes, all things are lost.

If our body is not there, then this world will be of no use to us. That is why our first duty should be to protect the body and health.


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